Steri-Bur Guard 22-Hole Vibrant Green

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1 x Steri-Bur Guard 22 Hole Vibrant Green

Use these holders during procedures to give you quick and easy accessibility to your burs and files. The Bur and Endo Holders will organise your instruments for use during the procedure and keep them safe during the sterilisation process.

Accomodates burs from 12mm to 30mm
The Clutter Cure. Zirc Bur Blocks and Guards Oragnise and protect your burs for each procedure

Steri-Bur Guard – Not only does it protect your burs during cleaning and sterilisation, but it also can be positioned at 3 different angles to give you easy access at chair side.

Zirc products are produces with a built-in anti-microbial agent. Essentially it helps the Zirc products to remain cleaner between cleanings, providing an extra level of protection and reassurance.

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