Steri-Container Vibrant Pink

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1 x Steri-Container Vibrant Pink

Use the Steri-Container Vibrant Pink to contain your instruments during ultrasonic and sterilisation procedures. They are durable, self-lubricating plastic with a securely snapping lid and contains Antimicrobial Protection.

20.63cm x 4.76cm x 4.76cm

Autoclavable up to 136°C/275F°

You can reduce the risk of contact with contaminated instruments by using a Zirc dental cassette. Keeping the instruments in a closed container, makes you less likely to be injured or exposed to cross-contamination.

Using a cassette will help eliminate the misplacement of instruments and provide a more efficient sterilisation process.

An average of 5 minutes per procedure can be saved by implementing a cassette system.

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– Protects instruments from extensive damage and prolongs their life
– Keeps instrument setups together through sterilisation and procedure processes
– Designed for superior water flow and cleaning – open top, round holes and radiused corners
– Non-slip feet for stability and safety
– Autoclavable
– Avialble in various colours

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