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1 x Steribox 8 Instrument

This sterilization box STERIBOX has been designed to simplify the sterilisation process of all dental instruments, without exception (Clearance dimension: 183mm x 44mm and 37mm)
A unique ergonomic design to accommodate different sized instruments, while providing a visual aid for easy storage and identification of instruments.

Maximum safety and hygiene : protection of the most fragile parts (instrument tips and ultrasound) and a design without cavities or blind holes to avoid any liquid stagnation.

Adapted to all specialities and more specifically designed for the treatments of dental hygienists, prophylactic assistants
Its keywords: quality, simplicity and efficiency.

Deppeler SA has been manufacturing dental instruments with unprecedented accuracy for over 80 years.

An ideal instrument is one that fits naturally, with which the work is done perfectly and effortlessly – an extension of the practitioner’s hand. Deppeler offers you instruments tailored to their function and t0 meet your own expectations.

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