Strata-G Wide Prep Ring 1pk

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1 x Strata-G Wide Prep Ring

The Strata-G Rings produce optimal tooth separation for excellent, tight contacts
Longer lasting by design. Advanced materials and design combine to produce our longest lasting, most predictable separator ring ever.

Strong tooth separation yet easier to open. Nitinol drawn-wire nickel titanium is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance yet requires less effort to open.

The PEEK ultra-durable reinforcement on the back of the ring allows Strata-G to retain a higher percentage of initial strength for much longer than non-reinforced rings.

The enhanced marginal ridge guides and supports matrix bands. StrataBond silicone for unsurpassed flash control. Ultra-Halt retention extensions provide tenacious grip and are gentler to the papilla.

The Wide ring (green) makes Strata-G the most versatile and user-friendly system available. Tackle the most challenging posterior restorations with confidence knowing that you will achieve excellent contact and contour.

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