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8 x Burs
2 x Plastic Cards

The Styleitaliano Indirect Kit is a set of 8 burs divided into two categories, Overlays and Veneers. The upper row is special for posterior indirect restorations (letter O – Onlay-Overlay) and the lower row is special for anterior indirect restorations (letter V – Veneer).

The following steps have the same order as the burs, so the clinician is able to follow the exact same order from the burs and from the instructions, very rarely the order needs to be changed.


Step 1.- Tronco conical, flat-end, rounded edges thick high speed diamond bur for cusp removal (2mm).
Step 2.- Low speed big carbide round bur for caries removal before IDS and build up.
Step 3.- active-head bur for margin finishing, this bur only cuts in the very end to avoid touching other teeth.
Step 4.- Fine grit diamond bur for fine preparations and smoothening.


Step 1.- High speed cylindrical round-ended diamond bur for incisal preparation (1,5 mm)
Step 2.- Anatomical depth determination bur, 0,5
Step 3.- Coarse diamond cylindrical chamfer-end bur for veneer gross preparation
Step 4.- Medium grit diamond cylindrical chamfer-end bur for veneer fine preparation and prep finishing.

Styleitaliano has developed a system of burs that consist of 3 sets, Direct Style, Indirect Style and Finishing Style.

The whole idea of these Style Italiano Bur Kits is focused on one main goal, to simplify, and that means, to always follow the same bur protocol following a precise set of instructions that come in the Bur Kits. The two plastic cards are for the clinician and the other for the
assistant and re-ordering.

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