TotalFill BC Points HiFlow .04 Size 45 60pk

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60 x TotalFill BC Points HiFlow .04 Size 45

Unlike traditional Gutta Percha points, TotalFill HiFlow BC Points are coated and impregnated with bioceramic nanoparticles. Combined use of TotalFill HiFlow BC Sealer and TotalFill HiFlow BC Points obtains a bond and therefore adhesion between the bioceramic particles of the two materials, thereby eliminating any gap there may be between a cement and a standard Gutta Percha point. BC Sealer HiFlow exhibits a lower viscosity when heated and is more radiopaque, making it optimised for warm obturation techniques.

Premixed Bioceramic Endodontic Materials

TotalFill is a pre-mixed bioceramic obturation material. It is dispensed using a syringe in cases of root canal obturation and with either a syringe or as a putty when doing root repair and retrograde fillings.

Unlike conventional filling cements, the setting reaction of TotalFill BC Sealer is triggered by the moisture present in the dentinal tubules. Using this moisture, TotalFill BC Sealer forms hydroxyapatite, to ensure optimum chemical adhesion between the dentin and the cement.

TotalFill range products are part of the bioceramics family and are recognised for their biological properties such as biocompatibility, bioactivity and antibacterial activity, as well as for their excellent physico-chemical properties. They do not shrink during setting but tend to expand slightly. They provide an excellent seal between the dentin and filling material and are also hydrophilic. TotalFill products are also distinguished by their ease of use. They are ready to use, and so do not require any mixing. They provide a perfect consistency, reproducible between applications.

Superior quality sealing
In order to ensure optimum 3D filling, the cement must provide perfect adhesion to the dentin and the cone used. Adhesion between these various components is influenced by the moisture present in the tooth. As the components of TotalFill BC Sealer enable the formation of calcium hydroxide and hydroxyapatite, they ensure an excellent bond to both the dentin and the filling material. The study below demonstrated that TotalFill BC Sealer has a stronger bond than other commonly used cements. This study compared the influence of the moisture conditions on the bond strength. TotalFill BC Sealer outperformed all the other cements regardless of the moisture level.

High fracture resistance
One of the key objectives of canal filling consists in reinforcing the root, and thereby significantly increasing the fracture resistance after treatment. Combined use of TotalFill BC Sealer and TotalFill BC Points meets this objective.

– Ease of manipulation and deployment
– Economic
– 3D filling at room temperature

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