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An Innovative see-thru, single-handed precision dental device with a saw tooth strip. This strip is ultra thin and has ultra-fine abroasive diamond dust on one side. Use this strip to cut into tight interproximal space and adjust the proximal contact with the combination of an abrasive diamond surface and a saw tooth edge.

TruContact Serracted Diamnd Strip is flexible so that it can pass along the curvatures of the contact surfaces of the adjacent teeth without opening the proximal contact.


8 x TruContact Saw 0.05mm Orange
The TruContact is essencal to the Bioclear Matrix System.

TruContact Saws and Sanders are designed to work in sequence to lighten the contact which then improves the ease of placement of the mylar matrices. As an additional advantage, the TruContact also removes biofilm from the contact.

TruContact Strips are autoclavable up to 280 (steam heat only, not dry heat)
3 sizes available


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