Visalys Core Dentine 5ml

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2 x Visalys Core Dentine 5ml
Visalys® Core is the first core build-up material with Active-Connect-Technology (ACT). This ensures a reliable bond with most common light-curing and dual-curing, single-step and multi-step adhesives. Visalys® Core is free of Bisphenol A and its derivatives which makes dentist and patient safe about health risks. This material can be placed in the cavity void-free.

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– For cores and cementing root posts
– Dual-curing saves time and provides dependability
– Firm foundation: high stability due to good compressive strength
– Radiopaque and easily trimmed
– Minimal smear layer, even without light-curing
– One material for two indications
– Optimises your product portfolio
– Very stable and fracture resistant
– Stable, seamless monoblock for cores without weak points
– The existing adhesive system can still be used

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