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1 x 30ml Indispense Syringe

Viscostat hemostatic is a 20% ferric sulfate equivalent solution with inert binding agents in a viscous, aqueous vehicle. It has a pH of ~1.0 and contains patented, fumed silica to limit the acidic activity, making it kind to hard and soft tissue.

Viscostat is suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures to arrest surface capillary bleeding. Such procedures include fixed prosthodontics, restorative-operative, periodontal treatment, etc. Viscostat is also recommended for retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a ‘fixative’ for pulpotomies.

Viscostat can also be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures. Soak Ultrapak cord in hemostatic and isolate the tissues, following with a firm air/water spray.

Reduce cross-contamination and the need for sterilising by loading unit dose directly from the patented Indispense syringe.

The Viscostat patented formulas protect tissues even with a low pH. Note: ViscoStat will not remove dentinal smear layer, resulting in less tooth sensitivity even after 10 minutes of exposure.

The faster hemostasis can be achieved, the faster you can perform quality dentistry for the patient. For most cases, Viscostat provides profound hemostasis in just a matter of seconds

ViscoStat is formulated with a patented fumed silica to buffer acidity and offer a more viscous consistency that will not run or drip. This makes precise placement of Viscostat easy, regardless of the location in the mouth.

Quality tissue management is essential to accurate impressions. When impressions are made with fluid present in the sulcus, the quality of the impression suffers and the impression often needs to be remade. Because Viscostat eliminates bleeding and sulcular fluid, it creates the optimal environment for perfect impressions.

Unparalleled tissue management starts with rapid, profound haemostasis. To control bleeding and sulcular fluid, Ultradent’s tissue management system offers a complete solution.

Complete, successful tissue management requires absorbent Ultrapak Retraction Cord for effective gingival displacement. Twisted and braided cords can not offer ease of packability and tissue displacement comparable to Ultrapak. It is made of 100% cotton that is knitted to form an interlocking chain of thousands of tiny loops, making it easy to pack below the gingival margin.

Using the correct tip is essential to achieving profound, dependable haemostasis and sulcular fluid control. Metal Dento-Infusor tips infuse haemostatic agents into bleeding capillaries and tissues. The soft brush tip delivers solution directly into the preparation area and is used to wipe away coagulum, leaving a clean, dry preparation ready for impressions.

The challenges of bleeding soft tissue is known by every dentist. Ultradent Products´ Tissue Management System helps you to achieve clean, blood-free conditions prior to impression taking and also has proven to be very useful in terms of many adhesive restorations, especially restorations that reach up to or even below the gingival margin.

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– Causes profound hemostasis
– Stops bleeding in seconds, saving chair time
– Provides unsurpassed kindness to hard and soft tissues
– Eliminates sulcular fluid contamination for optimal bonding
– Decreases costly impression remakes

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Hints & Tips

  • Is ViscoStat more powerful than Astringedent?
    Yes. ViscoStat is a 20% ferric sulfate solution, and Astringedent is a 15.5% ferric sulfate solution.
  • Can ViscoStat be used with an epinephrine preparation?
    No. When a ferric sulfate solution like ViscoStat is used with an epinephrine preparation, a blue/black precipitate will occur.
  • How do I know that I've achieved hemostasis with ViscoStat?
    Hemostasis is realised when the new coagulum stops forming. By burnishing the gingival margin with the Metal Dento-Infusor tip, ViscoStat is delivered to the capillary openings, stopping the bleeding. After ViscoStat has been delivered to the preparation and rubbed into the sulcus, test the preparation with a firm air/water spray. If bleeding resumes, rub additional ViscoStat into the preparation and test again. When no bleeding occurs after a firm air/water spray, profound hemostasis has been achieved.
  • How fast is hemostasis achieved with ViscoStat?
    ViscoStat is capable of providing hemostasis in a matter of seconds. Depending on the patient's periodontal and systemic health, hemostasis may be achieved in as little as 2-3 passes around the sulcus or as many as 20 or 30.