ViscoStat Clear Indispense Kit

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1 x 30ml IndiSpense syringe
20 x Metal Dento-Infusor tips
20 x 1.2ml empty syringes

Viscostat Clear Indispense Kit is a 25% aluminium Chloride gel in a viscous, aqueous gel.

Its patented tissue-kind silica formula temporarily eliminates minor bleeding, causing the collagen in the capillary ends to swell, thereby closing them off.

The challenges of bleeding soft tissue is known by every dentist. Ultradent Products´ Tissue Management System helps you to achieve clean, blood-free conditions prior to impression taking and also has proven to be very useful in terms of many adhesive restorations, especially restorations that reach up to or even below the gingival margin.

ViscoStat Clear is used for haemostasis of the gingival margin during dental procedures including but not limited to:

– Dental impressions
– Temporary and permanent restoration seating
– Cavity restorations
– Rubber dam placement

ViscoStat Clear is recommended for anterior restorations because it quickly eliminates minor bleeding without leaving any residue. The patented tissue-kind silica formula quickly stops minor bleeding without forming coagulum or leaving hemostatic residue adhered to the preparation, resulting in stain-free teeth and soft tissues, unlike ferric sulfate-based hemostatic solutions. ViscoStat Clear does not interfere with bonding.

ViscoStat Clear’s clear gel allows easy visibility and rinses away effortlessly.

ViscoStat Clear is delivered to the preparation via a 1.2ml Plastic Syringe and the Metal Dento-Infusor tip, which makes delivery easy and effective, and eliminates the waste other delivery methods produce.

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– Stops all minor intraoral bleeding, but designed specifically for the aesthetic zone
– Transparent gel leaves no residue and rinses off with ease
– Convenient direct delivery eliminates waste
– Non-drip gel is viscous yet spreadable
– Does not interfere with bonding

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Hints & Tips

  • What is the active ingredient in ViscoStat Clear?
    25% aluminum chloride.
  • Can ViscoStat Clear be used for all tissue management needs?
    While ViscoStat Clear does provide profound hemostasis, its onset is not as fast as those hemostatics formulated with ferric sulfate such as ViscoStat or Astringedent. We recommend these faster-acting hemostatics be used in areas outside of the esthetic zone.
  • Can Ultrapak cord be soaked in ViscoStat Clear?
    Yes. For procedures in the esthetic zone, we recommend soaking Ultrapak cord in ViscoStat Clear to prevent any staining of the hard or soft tissues.