White Dental Beauty Composite Syringe Si 0 Refill

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StyleItaliano Direct Workflow


1 x 4g Si 0 Syringe

White Dental Beauty – Professional CompoSite system, invites you to think simply & openly about aesthetic direct restorations

The White Dental Beauty Si 0 shade has a non-sticky, smooth consistency which allows for easy manipulation of the materials even to fine layers. Used with the Enamel shade, they define the appearance of the tooth.

The chromaticity of the Si 0 is very important for whitening and restorative cases.

The White Dental Beauty CompoSite Si 0 has been developed with optimum viscosity and excellent handling. The non-sticky consistency follows your instrument and doesn’t withdraw, so is ideal for modelling and shaping. It is not sensitive to ambient light, giving you 8-minutes working time. With a high fill content of 80%, the ISO filler is wear-resistant and has low shrinkage when light cured.

The ergonomic syringe design can be opened with one hand, freeing up your nurse for other duties. Also available in TipSi, which fit into any composite compule gun.

White Dental Beauty CompoSite has an excellent polishability, allowing restorations to become invisible with natural fluorescence and high colour stability resulting in beautiful long-term aesthetics.

Combined strategies, knowledge and superior manufacturing processes, have aided in the development of this advanced yet simple system. White Dental Beauty CompoSIte features smart-hybrid and intelligent flowable composites, backed by invaluable teaching methods.

Using a palate of specifically selected shades including a dedicated lighter range, we have created the perfect tool box that can be used to restore healthy smiles in every day practice.

Utilising the ‘Camouflage Technique’ specific to this material, our unique Masque will conceal discolouration and provide an excellent neutral base for easy composite definition.

Learn more about the #Whiteology approach

– Highly aesthetic light-curing restorative material
– Natural aesthetics can be achieved with only 7 shades in a simple layer technique
– Two simple steps, perfect results
– Extensive learning and education with #Whiteology
– 8 Minutes working time
– Natural fluorescence and high colour stability
– Long resistance to ambient and chair light
– Eco friendly and biodegradable packaging
– Optimum Viscosity for excellent handling
– Non-sticky consistency is ideal for modelling and shaping
– Wear-resistant
– Low shrinkage
– Outstanding Polishing Properties

The minimum curing time per layer are as follows:

White Dental Beauty CompoSite Body shade Si 0 40 seconds

The light output should be a minimum of 500 mW/cm2.

Store at temperatures between 4°C – 23°C. If refrigerated, allow White Dental Beauty CompoSite to reach room temperature before use.

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