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The Plug & Press Dispenser is an automatic dispensing and mixing unit for use with impression materials in foil bags or cartridges in 1:5 systems. Kettosil, Panasil tray, Monopren transfer and Panasil binetics putty are materials with viscosities varying from medium to kneadable and can be used in our new Plug & Press Dispenser which introduces our range of impression materials perfectly. The new Plug & Press Dispenser displays far greater extrusion power than other machines. The Plug & Press Dispenser displays an extremely high extrusion capability which means that a tray can be filled more rapidly.
Foil bags are opened with the built-in piercing pins in the activating heads for easier extrusion.
The foil bag is opened automatically by pressing on the activating head, making it user friendly and easy to handle.
The reduced machine dimensions save space and provide more flexibility.

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