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Amelogen Plus is a radiopaque, Bis-GMA restorative material that is 76% filled by weight with a 0.7µm average particle size. It displays exceptional handling, optical, and polishing characteristics for a balance of both strength and aesthetics. Amelogen Plus will not stick to instruments or slump, providing extra control in handling.

Its wear resistance, strength and polishability make this simple composite system the perfect material for both posterior and anterior restorations.

It has been created with an intuitive shade system that allows you to choose a one, two or multiple shade layering technique. The composite material is available in 14 shades:7 dentine, 3 enamel, 3 translucent and 1 opaque. By combining this range of shades, dentists are able to replicate the original depth of colour. Amelogen Plus also closely emulates the fluorescence of the natural tooth. Simple, affordable system
16 shade options
Excellent, non-slumping consistency
Brilliant polishing capability?

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