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Protect your patients and your Statim Cassette Autoclave by using only pure, fresh water in your practice. The AQUASTAT distiller allows you to forget about buying expensive bottled water or risking damage to your equipment from less than pure distilled water. A patented distillation technology kills harmful bacteria and viruses by flash vaporising water and then reconstituting it through condensation. The result is water that's 99% pure. So pure, you could even drink it!

AQUASTAT purifies soft or hard water. Simply plug it into any outlet, fill with tap water and switch on. Safely and effectively it will remove lead, copper, aluminum, arsenic, iron, nitrates, herbicides, pesticides, PCBs and more! With its energy efficient technology, AQUASTAT purifies 3.78 litres (1 gallon) of water in just 4.25 hours. Combine this fast process with a compact, light-weight design that doesn't require any special plumbing or wiring - and you'll have all the fresh water you need. Unit Size: 40.6cm x 24.5cm x 38.4cm
Produces: 1 gallon in 4 hours
Weight without water: 4.5kg 10Ibs

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