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eZr is a three-step diamond polishing system for the processing of zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.

The grinders and polishers are ideal for adjusting and correcting chairside restorations such as inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns. eZr produces a high gloss finish on zirconia, the polishers have a long life, and in combination with a high material removal rate, allow for an economic and fast processing system to get to glossy in seconds, without polishing paste. Enables easy and safe adjustment for zirconia and lithium disilicate.
Proprietary diamond impregnated polisher reduces possibility of chipping and microfracturing.
Provides an unparalleled smoothly polished occlusal surface, eliminating abrasiveness to opposing dentition.
Prevents over-heating that could lead to premature failure.
Eliminates the need for polishing paste, reducing overall cost per procedure.

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