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The ideal provisional restoration will provide function as well as help to maintain
both hard and soft tissue position and health throughout the provisional process.
All too often dentists endure clinical problems with provisional restorations which
include long fabrication and finishing time, marginal fractures and staining, premature
dislodgement, and poor tissue response. These clinical problems can develop during
various steps of the provisional fabrication process.

Inspire is a bisacryl temporary composite with a unique aesthetic filler that provides both optimal strength and outstanding aesthetics.

INSPIRE is Strong, With an ideal Elastic Modulus (3136 Mpa), INSPIRE is very strong and is less likely to
fracture along margins, even when tooth reduction is less than ideal.

Inspires high flexural and compressive strength render it easy to trim and resistant
to fracture. You'll notice INSPIRE feels firm, is less porous and less prone to cracks when trimming. It also has a high Dimetral Tensile Strength and when coupled with its outstanding impact strength, you can be confident that INSPIRE provisionals will not succumb to sudden and extreme forces of mastication. Its low 3.4% shrinkage prevents missed margins, especially with lower incisors.

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