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PermaFLo Dc composite luting/restorative resin is a highly filled, small particle, fluoride releasing, dual-cured resin. Due to resin design and flowable thixotropic properties.PermaFlo DC flows easily through a small orifice tip, making post luting simple and convenient. Its optimal viscosity flows easily into the depths of the post preparation and then intimately around protruding, direct-placed posts. It has the lowest film thickness known for a composite luting resin: only 9.0pm thick. PermaFlo DC is the restorative of choice for posts and cores, direct restoration bulk filling, or for resin luting where light curing cannot adequately reach. Use as an initial layer and/or bulk fill for posterior bonded composites. Though it is highly filled, PermaFlo DC is thixotropic so it flows easily through a small orifice tip. Use Opaque White for post luting and core.

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