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Conventional lighting for magnification and clinical procedures has been proven to be
compromised for accurate colour perception and intensity.
Unique, portable, high intensity colour correctice lighting for clinical application

Exhibiting daylight colour values and a uniform defined spot POV DEFINE creates the optimum LED output. The unique integrated cooling system (ICS) prolongs LED life and enables POV DEFINE to be worn comfortably all day long.

"Since using POV LED I have noticed a huge improvement over my existing halogen light. The colour, intensity and sharpness of POV are excellent. I found my eyes
were less tired and strained and I had improved depth of field. POV LED is an excellent product and I feel every clinician would benefit from this predictable consistent llumination"
Bob McLelland BDS

POV DEFINE will increase your depth of vision, reduce eye fatigue and provide optimum freedom of movement correcting your working posture.

Boost mode provides extra intensity when required, essential when using higher magnification loupes.

Technology designed to exceed all your clinical requirements POV DEFINE fits comfortably on a full range of loupe frames by way of a simple, effective lightweight attachment compatible with: Univet
Merident Optergo
Carl Zeiss
Exam Vision
Tom Davies
All other loupes we have a Universal Clip
Alternatively a head band is available

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