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Univet are fast becoming the magnification brand of choice within the dental industry. This innovative Italian company have considered style, safety and precision in their wide range of loupe designs. From off the shelf Quick Loupes to the highest specification prismatics, Univet have a solution.

Univet technology takes form in unique optical systems that achieves superior performance in terms of field of vision and depth of field. The Galilean PRO and the new Prismatic XS are engineered to combine improved image quality with unparalleled brightness and definition

The exclusive coatings and the quality of the lenses offer an extraordinary visual comfort:
The eye adapts easily to the view through the magnifying system due to the enhanced optical properties. Innovative and intuitive, Univet loupes and illumination systems allow the user to operate with extreme precision and effectiveness.

Univet loupes are available in 2x/2.5x/3x/3.5x/4x/5x A variety of Styles and colours are also available.

Exact eye and face measurements are required for the perfect fit, we can do this at meetings, exhibitions or in the comfort of your own practice.

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