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The Zirc Endo Holders are a unique delivery system to oragnise, store and sterilise endodontic files and reamers. The Endo Guard swivels 360 degrees with stops at every 45 degrees for operatirs choice.

Large slotting provides complete visability and draining during cleaning.

Zirc products are produces with a built-in anti-microbial agent. Essentially it helps the Zirc products to remain cleaner between cleanings, providing an extra level of protection and reassurance. Available in various colour options
Holds most lenghts for staging, cleaining and sterilising files and reamers
Millimeter guage measures files and positions rubber stopper
Counter on locking bar tracks the number of sterilsations
Right or left hand use; optional angling
Avalable in Hand or Engine styles
Single use foam insert cleans/holds files

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