There are some things that I consider essential to the work of a hygienist and top of my list is the EMS Airflow System. Removing extrinsic stain is an important part of the work I do and it gives me huge pleasure to use a system that seems to remove the stain effortlessly whilst giving me the reassurance that it’s safe to use because it’s so low in abrasion. In our practice we routinely use Airflow before we do any whitening. And many patients specifically book in for it before a big occasion. There’s something really special about helping the bride and bridegroom prepare for their big day! I work to a very tight schedule and it is important that I keep to time. Airflow allows me to do that – it’s so simple to use and completely reliable; it has never let me down. Above all, the patients love it – it’s painfree, it feels great and quite literally sends them out with a smile on their faces

– Sally Simpson, Therapist