This course will outline the rational for surgical treatment in the management of Peri-implantitis, Crown Lengthening and Periodontitis.  It will also take you through each procedure step by step, with both theory and hands-on to enhance your understanding and surgical skills, using soft and hard tissue dental lasers.

Aims and objectives:

  • To understand the indications and contra-indications for clinical crown lengthening, both cosmetic and restorative.
  • To practice crown lengthening procedures, both flapless and flapped techniques using soft and all-tissue lasers.
  • To understand the rationale for surgical Periodontal therapy and clinical requirements to enhance predictability for Periodontal regeneration.
  • To practice flapless minimally invasive Periodontal surgery using all-tissue lasers.
  • To understand the aetiology and basic steps in successful management of peri-implantitis.
  • To practice using all tissue lasers on implant surfaces and learn the steps involved in peri-implantitis surgery.


09.00-09.15   – Registration.

09.15-11.15      – Crown lengthening surgery and hands on.

11.15-11.30      – Refreshments.

11.30-13.30     – Periodontal flapped and flapless surgery and hands on.

13.30-14.15     – Lunch.

14.15-16.15      – Peri-implantits therapy and hands on.

16.15-16.30     – Refreshments.

16.30-17.00     – Questions.

Dates/ location: 2nd November London – Stanhope Place

Price: 399 plus VAT


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