Air-Flow Handy 3.0 Perio Plus Sirona

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1 x Air-flow Handy 3.0
1 x Easy Fill
1 x Easy Clean
1 x Maintenance Set

Air-Flow Handy 3.0 Perio Plus Sirona is the latest portable air-polishing unit from EMS. It has been developed to offer you unequalled working comfort.

Optimal for use in periodontal pockets up to 4 mm in depth and over the entire visible tooth area as well as for stain removal. Flexible and efficient with the Air-Flow Powder PLUS.

EMS have worked closely with a team of ergonomics experts to optimise the handpiece and powder chamber. The slimmer shape of the handpiece makes it easier to grip and rotate, at the same time as protecting the wrist. The new position of the powder chamber ensures an unrestricted view of the patient’s mouth. In addition, the powder chamber can be easily opened and cleanly and rapidly filled with the elegant “Easy Fill” accessory.

Therefore, it’s the perfect every-day partner that can be quickly integrated into any dental chair unit and meets the most stringent requirements of modern professional tooth cleaning when it comes to supragingival biofilm and stain removal, as well as polishing.

– Designer handpiece with outstanding ergonomics
– Optimised powder-flow for controlled treatments
– Slim body for improved working comfort and optimum view on the treatment area
– Fits most turbine connections
– Simply snaps into place, no tedious installation
– Easy cleaning and maintenance
– Easy powder refill thanks to AIR-FLOW Easy Fill 3.0
– 120° handpiece for universal use
– 360° rotation of handpiece

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