AquaCare Handpiece 0.8mm Gold

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1 x AquaCare HP 0.8mm Gold

The AquaCare patented handpiece weighs less than 1oz and delivers a high-speed fluid stream, supplied from an inverted bottle delivery system (the AquaSol), to create a liquid curtain around the abrasive medium. This allows for comfortable and efficient cavity preparation and cleaning. The autoclavable handpiece comes in colour-coded nozzle sizes 0.6mm and 0.8mm. The long-life tungsten carbide nozzles are easily changed to suit the treatment. An entire procedure can be performed without removing the tip from the oral cavity. One handpiece supplies air, water and treating medium.

Lightweight and fully autoclavable handpiecep and sheaths available in 0.06mm Silver and 0.08mm Gold

– Lightweight
– Never Clogs

– Autoclavable


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