Dento-Prep W&H Connector

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1 x W & H connector
1 x Hose (1.5m)

The Dento-Prep W&H Connector makes it easy to install Dento-Prep micro blaster. Infact there is a range of connectors that make it easy for you

For easy use at the chairside it can be connected to the turbine coupling or turbine hose, and for permanent use it can be connected directly to the compressed air.

– Connection to turbine coupling – Quick and easy access to compressed air through the turbine coupling with a quick connector. Available for Sirona, W&H, KaVo, BienAir and NSK. Content: 1 connector, 1 hose (1.5 m) and 1 quick connector.
– Connection to the turbine hose – The 4-pin MidWest connector is universal and can be screwed into all standard 4-hole air turbine hoses.
– Connection directly to compressed air supply- Permanent connection to the air supply line with an Installation Kit. Content: 1 hose, 1 tee-fitting, 1 female quick connector and 1 plug.

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