FitStrip Double Sided Medium Refill

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10 x FitStrip Double Sided Medium 46Mu
2 x Handles
Flexible, Interproximal Finishers with a Twist

FitStrips make your finishing and contouring procedure easier. Used for Composite restorations: contouring/ finishing all interproximal surfaces, Orthodontics: IPR/tooth slenderising and Crown and bridge: cement removal and clean-up

The simple, detachable handle makes a world of difference for both clinician ease of use and patient comfort. Your hand stays outside the mouth, ensuring a clear field of view and easier operation. Twist the colour-coded barrel to adjust FitStrips curvature and it automatically locks in place.

FitStrips are very durable and long lasting. They stay sharp and ready to go even after multiple autoclave cycles.

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