Fusion Anterior Matrix System

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25 x short bands
25 x tall bands
10 x extra small wedges
10 x small wedges
10 x medium wedges
10 x larges wedges

Fusion Anterior Matrix System is a series of matrix bands and wedges to help you achieve beautiful and predictable outcomes on your toughest anterior cases.

The Fusion Anterior bands made of firm stainless steel that resists deformation both during placement and while compressing composite into the preparation.

There is ideal anatomic curvature in the gingival-incisal direction AND facial-lingual.
The firm metal matrix bands are significantly thinner than traditional plastic strips and can be inserted through existing contacts and into the sulcus for deeper restorations. Ideal gingival/incisal anatomy as well as facial/lingual anatomy are built in, simplifying sculpting in the critical anterior area.

The Fusion Anterior wedges have a unique, radical curvature that ensures a firm seal at the cervical margin from facial to lingual. This helps maintain ideal anatomy by hugging the band to the tooth. The bands wrap snugly around the tooth and anchors in place, helping to free up the your hands.

The unique ‘T’ shape sits deeper in the interproximal space and gently slide alongside the interdental papilla to sit lower interproximally providing maximum tooth separation while helping to reduce the occurrence of black triangles.
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