Jiffy One Single Use Polisher Sample Pack

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4 x Fine Cups
2 x Fine Discs
2 x Fine Points
4 x Medium Cups
2 x Medium Discs
2 x Medium Points

Jiffy finishing products are used to finish the contours and margins of composite and ceramic restorations.

The time and effort you put into to crafting quality, natural-looking composite restorations can be of little use if the composite is not finished correctly. The subtle difference of a restoration can be compromised if you use inferior finishing instruments or skip steps in shaping and polishing your restorations. By using the polishers in the Jiffy Composite Adjusting and Finishing Kit, you will be able to efficiently achieve a high-quality, natural finish on all of your composite restorations without getting shortcut results.

Jiffy One single-use polishers are disposable dental polishers designed to effectively and quickly polish any composite material. With Jiffy One polishers there is no need for re-processing or sterilization, as they can be safely and conveniently discarded after use. Specially formulated with Ultradent’s advanced diamond grit, Jiffy One polishers can deliever a smooth, high-quality polish in only one or two steps. Available in cups, points, and disks and in medium or fine grit, the Jiffy One system is simple and convenient. By using the Jiffy One polishers, you’ll be able to efficiently achieve a high-quality, esthetic finish on your composite restorations with all of the convenience of a single-use, disposable polisher.

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– Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing composites such as Amelogen Plus
– Autoclavable
– Made of abrasive, silicon-impregnated rubber
– Free of natural rubber latex

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Hints & Tips

  • Why is it important to finish composite restorations appropriately?
    The nuances of a restoration can be compromised by skipping steps or using inferior polishers to finish your restorations. By using the sequence of polishers in Ultradent’s Jiffy Composite System, you’ll be able to achieve a smooth, high-gloss shine easily without getting shortcut results.
  • What is the best way to adjust and polish composite?
    The Jiffy Finishing Line offers a simple step by step process to achieve the most natural looking finish possible. Using these products in the appropriate sequence gives a consistently beautiful finish.
  • Can Jiffy Composite Adjusting & Polishing Kit pieces be autoclaved?
    Yes. Refer to the Disinfection and Sterilisation procedures prior to use for complete care and maintenance instructions and recommendations for use.
  • Is there warranty coverage on Jiffy Composite Adjusting & Polishing Kit products?
    Jiffy Composite Adjusting & Polishing Kit components come with a six-month warranty that covers manufacturer defect only. This does not include normal wear and tear, accidental damage, improper care, misuse, user negligence, or failure to use the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s Disinfection and Sterilisation procedures.