Palodent 360 Circumferential Matrix 5.5mm

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48 x Palodent 360 Circumferential Matrix 5.5mm

Accurate contacts and contours at your fingertips

The Palodent 360 Circumferential Matrix 5.5mm is an innovative matrix that has been designed to complement the existing Palodent V3 Sectional Matrix System, to cover all Class II clinician scenarios.

A twist of your fingers is all it takes to achieve tight contacts with anatomically natural contours without an awkward retainer or applicator, for better restorations, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Palodent V3 is the perfect choice for a reliable outcome when dealing with Mesial-Occlusal, Distal-Occlusal and Mesial-Occlusal-Distal restorations. Whereas, the Palodent 360 band covers all other scenarios such as a missing cusp, missing adjacent tooth, misaligned tooth or a core build-up.

The Palodent 360 Circumferential Matrix System is designed to be used as a matrix to contain direct-placement restorative materials in posterior cavities involving proximal surfaces.

The Palodent 360 matrix band with integrated tightener/retainer allows matrix placement and retention without the need for bulky retainers or accessory placement and tightener instruments, allowing for ease of placement, better access, clear view of the operating field and greater patient comfort. Access for wedge placement (where indicated) is not hindered by an external retainer.

The single-use, disposable Palodent 360 matrix bands allow proper subgingival and proximal contact adaptation while protecting against cross-contamination.

– Natural contour creates tight contacts
– Minimal finishing of the restoration
– Easy to place, tighten, adjust, and remove matrix
– No bulky retainer or accessory placement and tightener instruments needed
– Compatible with V3 Wedges
– Tight gingival seal to minimise flash and finishing time

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