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1 x 10ml bottle Panasil adhesive

Panasil Adhesive should be used to ensure the best possible adhesion between the impression tray and the impression material, it is recommended to use an adhesive that is appropriate for the chemical composition of the impression material.

The materials are provided in a glass bottle, providing good visual control and easy application and has a short drying time.

Panasil Adhesive can be used with all A-silicone-based tray materials made by Kettenbach, i.e. for products in the Panasil line, the Panasil Monophase Medium line, as well as for the anatomical impression material Silginat

Use of Panasil adhesive ensures adequate adhesion between the impression tray and the selected A-silicone impression tray material.

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– Good visible check
– Easily applied with a brush
– Quick drying time

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