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2 x Panasil Monophase Medium 380ml

The Panasil Monophase Medium 380ml is a medium-viscosity monophase impression material based on A silicone. It has particularly high initial hydrophilicity, high final hardness, and optimal elasticity for precision even in extreme situations.

Panasil Monophase Medium can be used for a large range of indications from taking impressions over fixed/removable restorations and implants, functional impressions, for use when fabricating crown and bridgework or inlays, copper ring impressions, reline impressions, sandwich, putty/wash and triple tray techniques as well as for transferring root posts when fabricating posts and cores indirectly.

To enable this material to be easily extruded from the cartridge and quickly loaded onto the tray, it should be used with a colour-coded green mixing tip with an internal diameter of 6.5 mm. Please note that all the technical data and instructions refer to the use of this type of mixing tip.

It is advisable to use a well blocked-out custom tray. Panasil adhesive should be applied to the tray and allowed to dry before loading with impression material.

Practice-relevant final hardness
The practice-relevant Shore-A hardness value of 60 enables this material to grip inner copings or impression posts securely. This is important if fixed/removable restorations or implant components are to be transferred accurately.

Highly thixotropic
This highly thixotropic material builds up pressure very well and exhibits excellent flow properties, allowing it to come into close contact with inner copings and impression posts. This also prevents the material slumping while functional impressions are being taken. In addition, it reproduces minute details for crown and bridgework as well as inlays.

High elasticity
As this material is highly elastic, custom or stock impression trays are easier to remove from the patient’s mouth. The usual blocking-out measures must be implemented when taking impressions involving in-depth underlying sites and gaping spaces between the teeth. The risk of fracturing the models in the laboratory is also considerably reduced.

Panasil Monophase Medium offers a practical total working time of 2 minutes and a brief, patient-friendly intraoral setting time of a further 2 minutes. It is important to note that the material sets fully in 4 minutes. The brief intraoral setting time reduces the risk of the tray being disturbed while the material is setting and the impression being distorted.

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– Crowns, bridges and inlays
– Reline impressions
– One-step putty-wash, sandwich and two-step putty-wash impressions
– Total working time: 2 minutes
– Intraoral setting time: 2 minutes
– Setting completed: 4 minutes
– Linear dimensional change: – 0.20%
– Elastic recovery: 99.7%
– Compressive set: 3.5%
– Shore A hardness: 60
– Storage temperature: 18 – 25°C

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