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1 x PERIOFLOW Handpiece
20 x nozzles

The PERIOFLOW Handpiece set is recommended for the treatment of residual pockets, implants and restorations. it is able to provide clinical precision where it matters most: periodontology, prophylaxis and implant maintenance.

The Perioflow Nozzles are ideal for biofilm removal in periodontal pockets and implant surfaces – recommended depth: >4 to 9mm pockets. They are flexible, thereby adapting to the pocket’s natural curves.

compatible with: AirFlow Prophylaxis Master, AirFlow One, AFM, AFMP

The enhanced body design of the PERIOFLOW Handpiece, offers better access and improved pocket conformability to reach and treat more periodontal and peri implant areas smoothly and safely.

The thinner, slimmer and more flexible PERIOFLOW Handpiece has been designed for a gentle and smooth sensation in your patients gums.

The channel generated by the groove of the nozzle allows air water and powder to freely circulate subgingivally to maintain a constant and reduced pressure within the pocket.

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– Slim and flexible body – Better access
– Safe: Reduced intra-pocket pressure
– Higher patient comfort
– Higher efficiency

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