Strata-G Sectional Matrix System Intro Kit

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1 X Strata-G Short Ring (SG400)
1 X Strata-G Tall Ring (SG500)
1 X Strata-G Wide Prep Ring (SG600)
50 X Assorted Strata-G Matrix Bands
50 X Assorted Composi-Tight® 3D Fusion Firm Bands
10 X Blue View VariStrip Anterior Bands
80 X Assorted Strata-G Wedges
12 X Assorted Rally™ Composite Mini Polishers
1 X Garrison Premier Ring Placement Forceps FXP01

Strata-G provides reliable, tight contacts. Drawn-wire nickel titanium plus PEEK produces consistent separating pressure longer!

Easier, more predictable contours. Marginal ridge enhancements built into the matrix bands AND rings help provide that finishing flair!

Faster, less frustrating Class IIs. The Strata-G™ rings, bands and wedges combine for a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control. The rings won’t spring off the tooth, and the amazing Wide Preparation ring makes tough wide preps no problem.

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