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4 x 1.2 ml UltraCal XS syringes

The UltraCal XS Refill is an aqueous 12.5pH, syringable, radiopaque, 35% calcium hydroxide paste is used as an endodontic treatment dressing. The convenient, syringe/tip dispensing allows for controlled delivery short of the apex.

It is recommend the larger 29ga NaviTip be used for predictable flow, enabling direct placement. UltraCal XS can be thoroughly removed from the canal using Citric Acid and a NaviTip FX tip.

Second-visit protocol with an intertappointment medication with calcium hydroxide resulted in improved microbiological status of the root canal system when compared with a single-visit protoco.

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– Radiopaque
– High pH
– Superior at delivery control

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Hints & Tips

  • Instrument separation in the canal, It is troublesome for the treating dentist and may possibly require the involvement of a specialist.
    UlraCal XS allows the operator to deliver the correct amount of calcium hydroxide to the working length, preventing any material to be inadvertently extruded past the foramen into the periradicular tissues, especially if a chronic or large lesion is present.