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40 x Umbrella Retractor Large

The Umbrella soft tissue retractor provides clear access to all areas of the mouth while prioritising patient comfort. Rather than pulling or stretching the lips, it gently and naturally keeps a patient’s mouth open thanks to its durable, yet flexible, spring-like design. Its innovative tongue guard allows the tongue to comfortably remain out of the way, prevents triggering the gag reflex for most patients, all while channelling saliva for efficient evacuation. It is easy to place and features anatomically positioned bumpers to rest a hand without causing pain to the patient. These benefits combine to make the procedure easier and provide a better overall experience for both you and patient.

The Umbrella Cheek Retractor is ideal for:

– Ortho
– Whitening
– Anterior restorations or crowns
– Bi-lateral posterior restorative
– Impressions when it’s difficult to retract tongue and/or cheeks
– Veneers
– Class IIIs
– Cases with anterior and posterior restorations
– Implants

The anatomically positioned bumpers allows you to rest your hands on the patient’s mouth without any pain points for the patient.

The innovative tongue guard provides retraction by resting comfortably under the tongue.

The Umbrella Cheek Retractor is naturally spring loaded, allowing the patient to be comfortable, without effort, keeping their mouth open for the duration of the procedure while still being able to fully close the mouth to check occlusion.

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– Innovative tongue retraction
– Easy to place
– Naturally and gently keeps the mouth propped open, which means no pulling or stretching of the lips
– Can be kept in place when checking the bite, or useful in conjunction with a bite block, while the tongue comfortably rests behind the tongue guard
– Opens the space between the lips and cheeks in a way that encourages saliva to accumulate away from dentition, thus improving access for HVE
– Easily placed by you or the patient
– Provides relief to ‘gaggers’, as it doesn’t initiate the gag reflex for most
– Comfortable, especially for the anxious patient, doesn’t pull or stretch the lips
– Geometry of the device was carefully designed to fit the anatomy of the mouth
– Patient’s cheek is retracted without being pulled taut, giving you clear access and working space for any area of the mouth
– Unique and innovative design allows bilateral access to both arches without any need to reposition
– Beneficial for a variety of procedures including class II restorations, sealants, ortho bonding, whitening, impressions, scanning, implants, etc.
– Single use, do not reuse

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Hints & Tips

  • Can Umbrella retractor be autoclaved?
    No, Umbrella retractor is a single-use, disposable device.
  • Can Umbrella Cheek Retractors be Recycled?
    Because after being placed in the mouth it is a biohazard, Umbrella is NOT recyclable after use, as is the case for other single use dental products.