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60 x Vision Rubber Dam

The Vision Ruber Dam is designed to maximise the advantages of the traditional dam and as part of the Vision Dental Dam system, it helps you perform any conservative therapy isolation intervention.

The black dam makes the details of the intervention area stand out, enhances contrast and excludes any distraction from the field of work.

Each dam is the result of a highly reliable manufacturing process enhancing its technical qualities such as thickness uniformity, tensile strength, elasticity and low powder content.

The single format ensures protection of the entire intervention area, both inside and outside the mouth. It allows you to apply the dam in a faster and more convenient way, thus minimising the patient’s discomfort, especially with those techniques where the clamp is first assembled on rubber dam and then on teeth.

The very limited presence of powder and the mint flavoring are additional factors ensuring patients comfort.

The Vision Rubber Dam has been designed to fit the Vision Dam Frame.

Good results are important. Focusing on how to obtain them in total safety is fundamental for both you and your patient. The dam on the stainless steel frame protects soft tissues in the mouth, prevents foreign bodies from being swallowed or inhaled, and significantly reduces the risk of transmission of blood and saliva-borne diseases.

At the same time, your patient is more comfortable since they are not exposed to any of the above-mentioned risks and you don’t need to put your hands in the patient’s mouth.

Color – Black
Format – Rectangular
Size – 185 mm x 130 mm
Thickness – 0.28 mm
Tensile strength – 24 MPa
Elongation – 700%
Flavoring – Mint
Residual powder – < 0.2 mg per sheet

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