White Dental Beauty 10% 2 x 3ml Top Up

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Grow your practice with White Dental Beauty Top up Kits


2 x 3ml White Dental Beauty 10% Carbamide Peroxide Syringes

Expand your practices whitening offering with White Dental Beauty Top Up Kits. Offering superior whitening, these kits are ideal for those with a smaller practice, or those just starting out on their White Dental Beauty journey.

This top up kit contains 2, 10% White Dental Beauty syringes of 3ml, the perfect quantity for a smaller practice.

The 10% Carbamide Peroxide is the original percentage of gel used as industry standard and is recommended to be used for 2-4 hours at a time and can be worn overnight. The length of full treatment is prescribed by the dentist.

Due to its advanced stability, this gel can be stored for over 24 months between temperatures of 2-24°C.

White Dental Beauty is a worldwide leading tooth whitening brand, renowned for providing high quality, innovative and clinically reinforced tooth whitening products. NOVON® is the whitening compound used by White Dental Beauty to deliver higher quality teeth whitening results in the same time – and with less immediate sensitivity.

As well as having a dedication to creating quality and reliable teeth whitening gels, our goal is to help you deliver a patient journey like no other. Fuelled by this, we have created a dedicated marketing support package to enhance the patient experience and build your practice with professional tooth whitening.

– White Dental Beauty teeth whitening gels contain NOVON® patented formula for optimum whitening effect
– Active sensitivity management formula
– No refrigeration needed
– Proven effective and predictable results
– Achievable visible results in less than a week
– Available in four different concentrations to suit all patient needs
– Available in mild for patients with sensitive teeth
– High water content to help prevent sensitivity & enhance shade stability
– Eco Friendly packaging to help reduce carbon footprint
– Attractive contemporary design & presentation appealing to patients
– Bespoke practice branding service & full marketing support package


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