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1 x XLayer Clamp 13A

The XLayer Clamp 13A is a jagged winged clamp part of the Vision Dental Dam system and is designed to ideally work on mandibular left molars and maxillary right ones, but it is also a viable option for the opposite configuration.

The clamps are coated in XLayer, a nanometer coating technology that makes Vision clamps unique in terms of characteristics and performances.

The coating gives the clamps a matt finish. Thanks to this innovation, there are no distracting reflections and visibility is better and as a result, interventions can be more accurate.

The clamps make cleaning and resin removal easy and the coating also protects the clamps against chemical agents such as whitening products, making them last longer.

To find the perfect clamp, you should consider biometric parameters, from the shape of the mouth to the size of your patient’s teeth.

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