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60 x Latex Rubber Dam
1 x Vision dam frame
1 x Ivory clamp forceps
1 x Ivory punch forceps
1 x Stainless steel magnetic tray
1 x XLayer Clamp 210
1 x XLayer Clamp 12A
1 x XLayer Clamp 13A
1 x XLayer Clamp 2
1 x XLayer Clamp W4
1 x XLayer Clamp W8
1 x Vision marker
1 x Punching template

The Vision Dam Kit is designed to maximise the advantages of the traditional dam. Each kit contains all the tools you need to perform any conservative therapy isolation intervention.

The Vision Rubber Dam is black in colour and makes the details of the intervention area stand out, enhances contrast and excludes any distraction from the field of work.

Each dam is the result of a highly reliable manufacturing process enhancing its technical qualities such as thickness uniformity, tensile strength, elasticity and low powder content.

The single format ensures protection of the entire intervention area, both inside and outside the mouth. It allows you to apply the dam in a faster and more convenient way, thus minimising the patient’s discomfort, especially with those techniques where the clamp is first assembled on rubber dam and then on teeth.

The very limited presence of powder and the mint flavoring are additional factors ensuring patients comfort.

The XLayer clamp coating is a nanometer coating technology that makes Vision clamps unique in terms of characteristics and performances

The coating gives clamps a matt finish. Thanks to this innovation, there are no distracting reflections, visibility is better and consequently, interventions can be more accurate.

The clamps make cleaning and resin removal easy and the coating also protects the clamps against chemical agents such as whitening products, making them last longer.

Fewer options make the selection easier yet more accurate. That is why StyleItaliano have significantly reduced the number of clamps by selecting the 6 fundamental shapes to anchor the clamp on any tooth. To find the perfect clamp, you should consider biometric parameters, from the shape of the mouth to the size of patient’s teeth.

The XLayer Clamp 210 is a winged clamp that is ideal for upper and lower frontal teeth.

The XLayer Clamp 12A is a jagged winged clamp designed to ideally work on mandibular right molars and maxillary left ones, but it is also a viable option for the opposite configuration.

The XLayer Clamp 13A is a jagged winged clamp designed to ideally work on mandibular left molars and maxillary right ones, but it is also a viable option for the opposite configuration.

The XLayer Clamp 2 is a winged clamp designed for upper and lower premolars, it is usually used for multiple frontal teeth isolation.

The XLayer Clamp W4 is a wingless clamp designed for upper and lower molars.

The XLayer Clamp W8 is a wingless clamp designed for upper and lower molars.

The Vision Dam Kit includes a Magnetic Tray that attracts upto 6 clamps. This is convenient when sterilising them and storing them until their next use.

Each component of the Vision Dam Kit has received the same level of attention in the design and manufacturing stage. The Punching Template is made from a stainless steel sheet that can be sterilised and reused an infinite number of times.

You should use the Vision Marker to highlight the punching points for the holes. This marker is suitable for food contact and contains no substances that may harm your patient. It has two tips, for fast or very precise marking operations.

The lightweight, robust, ergonomic and efficient Ivory Clamp Forceps are perfect for their function. Made from stainless steel, these forceps have been designed to be used frequently, they maintain their elasticity and strength and allow you to engage and release clamps in a safe and accurate manner.

The Ivory Punch Forceps are made in stainless steel to withstand sterilisation and include 6 different settings to change the punch size depending on the selected isolation. The accuracy of the punches prevents accidental breaks and ensures that the rubber dam is in the ideal position around the collar, no matter how long you have been using them.

Color – Black
Format – Rectangular
Size – 185 mm x 130 mm
Thickness – 0.28 mm
Tensile strength – 24 MPa
Elongation – 700%
Flavoring – Mint
Residual powder – < 0.2 mg per sheet

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