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The Composi-Tight® 3DXR system has taken all the benefits of the original 3D system and built upon them. The tenacious grip and Soft Face technology of the rings; the adaptable fusion wedges and non stick matrix bands all help to make the Composi-Tight 3DXR system the best choice for all Class II restorative procedures.

Includes Slick Bands XR matrices:
Grab-Tabs for easier placement
Non-stick coating
Wider sub-gingival extension Eliminates ring "Spring-Off" on short, malpositioned or pedodontic teeth
Significantly improves retention between the canine and first bicuspid
Ensures true matrix band adaptation, vastly reducing flash and finishing time, while improving the quality of contacts
Perfect contact points - approximal separation thanks to hard plastic core
Ring cannot break - hard plastic reinforcement on the back

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