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Isolite System award-winning dental isolation technology offers significant advantages over rubber dam, manual suction and retraction methods.

Appropriate dental isolation is vital to the success of almost all dental procedures because it minimises contamination, thereby contributing to clinical success.
Now for the first time, using isolite we can achieve total control of the oral environment, making everyday procedures easier, safer and more predictable. It Safely tucks the tongue and cheek out of the way and restricts probing tongue from compromising your work.

The five levels of brightness maintain clear intra-oral illumination for the entire dental team and provides a clear view of the airway throughout the procedure. Reducing fogging of mirrors, glasses, and loupes.

The system aids in dental procedures by improving patient management and giving dental professionals unprecedented control of the oral environment: keeping the patients mouth open, improving visibility, controliing suction and oral humidity and minimising sources of contamination. 6 sizes of disposable mouthpiece, to fit every mouth
Protects patients airway and retracts the tongue
Built-in suction to control saliva contamination and humidity
Helps protect staff from exposure to aerosols and splatter
5 levels of illumination for a clear view every time
Excellent patient acceptance: easy to place and comfortable to wear
Treat both arches, unlike rubber dam
Excellent alternative to rubber dam
Frees assistant to do the myriad of other duties
Latex and silicone free

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