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Mucopren soft can be used for permanently soft linings, for relieving sharp bony ridges and the operation site after placing implants. It is excellent for relining temporary restorations and for conditioning the mucous membranes in cases with denture sores. It can be applied directly or indirectly.

Mucopren soft is capable of bonding to acrylic dentures and is extremely firm due to the newly developed Mucopren adhesive. Therefore it will not separate from the denture; remains in situ for long periods and no gap will form between the denture acrylic and silicone soft liner.
The smooth, hydrophilic silicone surface impedes bacteria settling, avoiding infections on the denture-supporting area.
Long term elasticity relieves the critical areas of mucous membrane.
Silicone soft liner with top mechanical properties (e.g.tear resistance, elongation) means the material is easily trimmed and has a high loading capacity.

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