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Aspiject is a self aspirating syringe using a standard anaesthetic cartridge. Manufactured in stainless steel to the highest engineering standards, its unique styling and design offers the ultimate in balance, feel and tactile control.

Aspiject Safe is the latest addition to the range - there to protect you and your team against needlestick injuries. - Self-aspirating without pull-back minimises the risk of needle tip movement
- Automatic (passive) aspiration occurs when a slight pressure on the plunger or the thumb disc is eased
- Made from high-grade stainless steel and heat resistant engineering polymer
- Can be sterilised by any method (max. 200oC / 390oF)
- For standard and dental cartridges and needles
- Available also as Aspiject Astra for self aspirating cartridges
- 5-year guarantee

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