Bioclear Matrix


Bioclear is a revolutionary technique, recognised for its superior ability to deliver minimally invasive restorations; without the need for extensive structural alterations.

The innovative method involves wrapping individual teeth, followed by an injectable composite; resulting in first class, restorative results.

Unlike traditional restorative dentistry (which can be unnecessarily aggressive), Bioclear is unique in its offering; presenting a range of conservative solutions for a variety of issues:


  • Posterior The Bioclear Posterior Matrix Kit is the ideal choice to accurately treat class II restorations, creating high quality results in a range of clinical situations



  • Accessories – Accessories such as the Bioclear Matrix Ring Forceps are one of the few instruments needed for most of the composite restorations using the Bioclear Matrix System


Bioclear are dedicated to providing patients with aesthetically superior composites, adding and strengthening the existing tooth structure in the process.

In addition to providing patients with predictable restorations, Bioclear are dedicated to improving the overall patient experience. With this in mind, Bioclear invite you to access their dedicated marketing support package.

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