Metail Dento-Infusor Tip with Comfort Hub 20pk

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20 x Metal Dento-Infusor Tips

The use of the correct tip is essential for effective deep hemostasis and control of the sulcular fluid.

The Metal Dento-Infusor tip is an essential component of Ultradent’s tissue management system. Used for delivering hemostatic agents to the sulcus. Its padded brush end is used to scrub and rub the hemostatic into the cut capillaries, providing profound hemostasis and resulting in a clean, dry, ready-to-mold preparation.

The Metal Dento-Infusor tip is ideal for delivering Astringedent, ViscoStat, and ViscoStat Clear.

Its use allows a localised and economical application of hemostatic agents in the tissue that is not possible by other means (cotton pellets, micro-brushes, special brushes).

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– Places hemostatic agents precisely
– Effectively removes superficial coagulum
– Blunt, bent cannula with padded brush enables gentle pressure on the sulcus
– This tip features: Lok-Tite
– Single-use only

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