Permaflo DC Kit A3.5

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1 x 5ml dual syringe
20x Mixing tips
20 x Intraoral tips

PermaFlo DC Kit A3.5 is the restorative of choice for posts and cores, direct restoration bulk filling, or for resin luting where light curing cannot adequately reach. Use as an initial layer and/or bulk fill for posterior bonded composites.

It is ideal as a luting material for crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays and can also be used for endodontic post cementation and fabrication of core buildups. As a highly filled dual-cure composite/luting restorative resin, PermaFlo DC provides maximum strength and durability.

Due to resin design and flowable thixotropic properties.PermaFlo DC flows easily through a small orifice tip, making post luting simple and convenient.

Its optimal viscosity flows easily into the depths of the post preparation and then intimately around protruding, direct-placed posts.

It has the lowest film thickness known for a composite luting resin: only 9.0pm thick.

Use Opaque White for post luting and core.

PermaFlo DC is compatible with Peak Universal Bond for light-cured bonding and luting.

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– Highly filled (70% by weight)
– Thixotropic with low film thickness (9µm)
– Available in four shades: A2, A3.5, Translucent, Opaque White
– Compatible with both total-etch and self-etch bonding systems
– 2.5-minute working time
– 5- to 8-minute set time

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