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4 X 1.2ml syringes PrimaDry

PrimaDry drying agent is optimal for pit and fissure drying and preparation. It contains 99% organic solvents and 1% primer. PrimaDry drying agent rapidly volatilises moisture content of pits and fissures after rinsing off etchant with water spray and air drying.

The ultrafine primer film allows UltraSeal XT plus pit and fissure sealant to flow perfectly into every pit and fissure. It is also useful prior to placing composite repairs.

UltraSeal XT plus is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant. It is stronger and more wear resistant because it is a 58%-filled resin and has less polymerisation shrinkage. The spiral brush action of the Inspiral Brush tip causes shear thinning of the filled, thixotropic UltraSeal XT plus, reducing its viscosity as it is placed. The resin firms when shear thinning ceases and placement is complete, preventing it from running before it can be light cured. Using PrimaDry with UltraSeal XT plus enhances UltraSeal XT plus’s penetration into pits and fissures by eliminating moisture that can cause failure.

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– For use with UltraSeal XT plus pit and fissure sealant
– Eliminates moisture that can cause microleakage or poor retention
– Do not use on dentine
– High retention rate2
– Direct delivery into difficult-to-access areas
– Bubble-free, drip-free placement
– Effective at preventing microleakage
– Penetrates deepest pits and fissures
– Four shades: Opaque White, Clear, A1, A2

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Hints & Tips

  • Will PrimaDry drying agent cause sealants to flow more easily?

    PrimaDry drying agent is 99% organic solvents and 1% primer. The primer will reduce the surface tension of the sealant so that it flows more effectively into the etched enamel surfaces.

  • Can PrimaDry drying agent be used with UltraSeal XT hydro pit and fissure sealant?

    No, we do not recommend the use of PrimaDry drying agent with UltraSeal XT hydro sealant. They weren’t designed to work together. UltraSeal XT hydro sealant works best on slightly moist teeth, and PrimaDry drying agent is designed to help desiccate the tooth.

  • Is UltraSeal XT plus different from other tooth sealants?
    Yes UltraSeal XT plus has been the leader in sealants since 1998. It has an excellent retention rate and has always been BPA FREE.
  • Can UltraSeal XT plus Opaque White shade be used as an opaquer?
    We don't recommend UltraSeal XT plus be used as an opaquer. Instead, use PermaFlo dentin opaquer for this purpose.
  • What is UltraSeal's diameter of filler in micrometers, weight percentage, and density?
    The average particle size is 1.5 microns, the sealant is 58% filled by weight, and is 1.73g/ml.
  • Can UltraSeal XT plus be used to splint two teeth together?
    When performing periodontal splinting, it is wise to consider a reinforced restoration such as Ribbond in conjunction with the restorative material. When either of these products is used, UltraSeal XT plus can be used as the restorative material. Flow characteristics may be addressed with a more viscous material such as PermaFlo, which is a 68%-filled resin.