Paroject Syringe 1.8ml

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1 x 1.8ml cartridge

Profound single-tooth anaesthesia in connection with simple extractions, cavity preparations, endodontic treatments, etc. Overcomes failed conventional techniques – an efficient supplement to insufficient blocks and infiltrations. Teeth in more than one quadrant can be treated at the same sitting. Gentle pain control due to a very small injection dose. No soft tissue numbness. Replacement to most palatal injections.

Paroject is an unintimidating pen style intraligamental syringe with a controlled dosage permitting a slow non-traumatic injection.

Compact and user friendly (delicate pen-type design)
Untimidating in appearance
Injects only 0.06ml per click, permitting a slow non- traumatic injection
Made fron high grade stainless steel
Can be sterilsed by any method (max. 200oC / 390oF)
For standard dental cartridges and needles
5-year guarantee


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